Process and automation systems to help with your

We build systems that just work.

Accounts Payable Automation

Peripat will process your supplier invoices with perfect accuracy.

Invoice automation

Multiple sites/brands

Supplier statement reconciliation

Automated purchase order matching

Configureable to suit complex organisations

Data Portal

Sharing documents and other data

Perfect for sharing finance documents with customer/supplier

Passwordless user management

Complete control of data access

360 Feedback

An HR system to gather 360 feedback and record objectives for your employees

Easy to use

Run reviews for multiple groups

Single sign on supported

Highly configureable

Custom Software Development

Do you need custom software developed? We specialise in developing systems to automate processes and build internal tools.

Process automation

Internal tools

Fast turnaround

Analysis, design, build and maintenance

About Us

At Peripat, we build systems to automate and streamline business processes. The company was started because we were looking for a product to automate accounts payable . But that product didn't exist. So we built it.

Peripat has since grown into several products including a data portal and a 360 feedback system. We also do custom software development.

Our products are used globally by companies ranging from single site operations up to multinational enterprises. Our software is used across industries including hospitality, construction, education and professional services.

Accounts Payable Automation

Eliminate the need for entering or checking supplier invoices. Peripat will also handle your accounts email inbox and supplier statement reconciliations instantly.

Peripat will automatically allocate invoices to your sites/projects and does fully automated purchase order matching and more.

Data Portal

The Data Portal is designed to help share data with others to eliminate support requests like 'please send...' or 'when is...'

You can share documents, files and other data with customers and suppliers such as invoices, orders, payment dates.

360 Feedback

Our 360 feedback HR system focuses on simplicity and usability whilst still being highly customisable.

Our 360 tool enables users to complete anonymous 360 feedback, conduct reviews and manage objectives.

The system allows users to run the process at any time of the year, to suit the needs of your business.

Custom Software Development

We build modern, secure web applications. We specialise in automating repetitive/manual tasks and process reengineering.

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