Data Portal

Share documents, data and other files with your customers, suppliers, employees, members or anyone else.




Share data/documents/files securely with customers, suppliers, your team or anyone else.


Users can securely access the data you share without registration. You stay in control of who can access what without managing user data or forgotten password requests.


Share any type of document with as many users as you wish.


Combine data from multiple sources to share with users. Eg combine data from ordering and accounting systems to share with suppliers.


Import data from manual uploads, API, webhooks or email. Then combine and redistribute according to rules.


Users can filter data to find what they are looking for


Eliminate support queries which are requesting documents or other data. Eg queries like "when will this invoice be paid" can be eliminated by giving suppliers access to see when their invoices are scheduled for payment.


Set the retention schedule for your data so you can control how long it is available.


Our system is intuitive and easy to use. External users with no knowledge of the system can use it with ease.

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Why Peripat?

Seamlessly distribute your data to the people who need it

Why use a data portal?

Peripat has built a data portal to allow you to share files and other data with anyone. They can be internal or external to your organisation. The system is designed to help distribute information and give users self service access to data. This will eliminate requests like 'please send...' and 'when will...'

It has been built from the ground up to be simple and easy to use. Data is shared by granting pre-permissioned access, so users do not need to sign up or fill in forms. They simply sign in and the data is there.

The portal uses 'passwordless' login which verifies users based on their email address. This is more secure than a traditional username and password login. It will also eliminate user access queries and prevents users from sharing passwords so you can maintain control of who can login.

Peripat's Data Portal can programmatically provide access to one or more users, or to an entire organisation. Instead of having to give permissions to files one by one, the permissions can be applied using rules and can be integrated into workflows to automatically give access to data when criteria are met.

Who is it for?

Here are some examples of what the portal can be used for. There are many other use cases, this is just a few examples.


Accounts receivable can share invoices, receipts, credit notes, statements, contracts, sales orders, delivery notes and delivery schedules.

Accounts payable can share purchase orders, credit requests, returns, payment schedule for invoices, payment remittances or anything else.


Share documents with your employees such as payslips or performance reviews and allow them to access the documents from outside the organisation. This will allow access from home or after their employment has ended.


Distribute event or training documents to participants or project documentation to project members.


Share contracts, supporting information, and any other documents with your clients and third parties.

Using the portal will ensure everyone is referencing the same version.

Get Started

Check out our FAQs and if you still have questions, contact us or schedule a meeting.


Pricing is bespoke.

It depends on several factors including the size of data, how often it is accessed, how often it changes, number of users accessing it, etc.

To discuss with us, please schedule a meeting or contact us. For answers to common questions, check our FAQ.