Custom Software Development

We build modern web based systems to automate business processes.


Why Peripat?

We specialise in software to automate business processes

Why opt for custom software?

We recommend using 'off the shelf' software when you can. Building software is hard, projects can overrun in both time and cost, and it will take time away from what your team is there to do.

Sometimes the software you need just doesn't exist. Sometimes the software for your industry is controlled by legacy software companies who maintain slow, clunky systems because they have no incentive to change. Sometimes you have several systems to do the job and it would be more efficient if it was all done by one.

If any of these are true, we can help. We build modern, secure, cloud based systems designed to streamline how you work. We have extensive experience in automating business process and can build systems to eliminate manual tasks so your time can be used on activities which add value. The more complex the better!

We work with clients collaboratively, giving hands on access to the system as it is being built so there are no surprises when the project is finished.

To get started or to find out more, please contact us

What we don't do

We don't build company websites, online shops or mobile apps. The easiest way to find out if we're a good fit for your project is to ask! If a project isn't a good fit for us, we'll just say so.

What is it for?

Peripat can build software for you so you can have the tools you need working in the way you want.


We can build a system to automate your manual processes. We design and build software as well as having extensive experience in process reengineering and automation.

We do more than just building the system, we can help design how the system fits into the overall workflow.


We'll build a system to help your team/division do their work.

For example, if you're currently using several systems to do a job, then these can be combined into one to allow your team to get more done and stop duplication of work.


We have a lot of experience in automation of finance and accounting processes. We are able to leverage the systems we've already built to quickly deliver software projects.

We have a deep understanding of HR systems and can build systems and tools to help you get your work done faster.

Automation of manual admin tasks is central to what we do. Not only are these tasks expensive to do manually, no one likes doing them. Let us automate it.


We can utilise APIs / webhooks to connect to external systems to combine data from multiple sources or run actions in other systems.

Your system can send and receive emails, open or create files and notify users.

Check out our FAQs and if you still have questions, contact us or schedule a meeting.


As projects vary in size and complexity, pricing is bespoke for each one.

We determine what is the minimum required to be delivered for the system to be useful and the project to be deemed successful. We will provide a quote for this.

Once the minimum product is delivered, work can continue at a defined rate to build changes and additional features for as long as you wish.

We run projects this way because change is inevitable. Once you see and start using a new system you will think of things you want to change or add. This is the most transparent method of getting the changes built and avoids us creating quotes for the change requests. We'd rather spend our time building things rather than writing quotes.

We can manage the system once it is delivered or can hand it over for you to manage.

To discuss with us, please schedule a meeting or contact us. For answers to common questions, check our FAQ.