Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Software Development

We don't have limits on the size of the project we'll work on. There will naturally be a limit to the size of the project that we'll be approached for rather than us imposing a limit. If you are considering us for your project, then the project is within the size of what we would do.

If you're building a missile defence system or a self driving car, then I don't think you'll be coming to us. But if you're wanting to streamline your workflow and leverage more automation, then that is definitely something we can help with.

We build web applications, or 'web apps'. Broadly speaking, a website is a page you visit using a web browser which just displays information (eg company websites and blogs). A web app is also accessed via a web browser, but it is more interactive and the user can post/retrieve data or run actions.

A web app will typically run on a server and will store data in a database. Users will login to use the system and it will often connect to other external systems via APIs or webhooks.

We won't take on projects like company websites or online stores selling products with shopping carts etc.

We take on projects which automate business processes or support business functions. Examples are an accounts payable system or a 360 feedback HR system. We will only work on projects which match our skillset and experience, so if you want to know if we'd be a good fit then contact us.

That's up to you. On one hand, if you have experience with software projects and have done all the analysis, have mock ups of what each page should look like and have mapped every action a user can do, then that's great. We can build, test and deliver that software for you.

On the other hand, if you've never been involved with a software project and are just at the 'idea' stage, then we can help with the analysis and design right through to the delivery.

When a software project is delivered, that is not the end. It is inevitable that there will be bugs, software package updates, environment updates, support queries and changes. We can manage that ongoing support or if you have that expertise in house then you can do that yourself.

There are 2 broad groups of methodologies; Waterfall and Agile (iterative development).

The Waterfall methodology will move through design, build, test and deliver phases of the project sequentially (you know, like a waterfall). This means you do all the analysis/design up front for the entire system, then move on to build and so on. It would be suitable for projects like a life support systems but is outdated for web app development (but is still used).

An Agile methodology is more suitable for web app development. It breaks the project into smaller parts (often called stories or tasks). These stories are grouped together and worked on during a 'sprint' or 'iteration' which is usually 2 - 4 weeks long. Each sprint does the design, build, test, and deliver phases for the stories that are in the sprint. This cycle continues until the completion of the project.

There are several different Agile methodologies which I won't go into here. There isn't one best methodology, it will always depend on who the team/client is and the way they work and collaborate together. It is important that the project members understand their role on the project and how they will work together, and how to manage change.

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