Frequently Asked Questions

Data Portal

The two main categories that the portal can be used for is for files (word/excel documents, PDFs etc) or just informational data.

There isn't a restriction on the types of files that the portal can distribute. Large file sizes aren't a problem, but if you want to use it to distribute enormous files then please speak to us and we can discuss how it can be accommodated.

When we say 'informational data' we just mean any data that can be shown to users in a table. For example, you can display a table of purchase order details to your suppliers.

These are just examples, if you have any questions about what other data it can be used for, please contact us.

Yes. It is more secure than the traditional username and password.

Passwordless login means that we will email a link that the user must click to login.

It does assume that the user's email is secure. As most password resets use email, a username and password makes the same assumption.

The benefits of passwordless login over username and password are:

  • Passwords cannot be shared between users in a passwordless system which prevents unauthorised users gaining access.
  • Users can continue to access systems for as long as the username and password remain the same. Even after they have left the organisation. Passwordless login will only work while the user has access to the email address.
  • Passwords cannot be written down when the system is passwordless
  • If users have the same password across several systems, and one of those systems is hacked, then all systems with the same username and password are exposed. Passwordless login cannot be exposed like this as there are no passwords.
  • Passwords cannot be forgotten in a passwordless system which results in less support queries

The portal is designed to be flexible and integrate with your workflow to automatically distribute data to where it needs to go.

Some of the ways we can import data:

  • We can import data using APIs or webhooks if we're importing from another system.
  • We can receive data via email
  • Data can be uploaded directly to the portal
  • We can setup an FTP location for files

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