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Accounts Payable Automation

We are most often compared to services which just extract details from invoices, and if that's all you want then there are cheaper solutions than us. The main differences are that we automate more of the accounts payable process so that nothing needs to be double checked by a human almost all of the supplier emails/communication is handled/categorised by the system. Maintaining this level of accuracy and fraud detection requires us to continually monitor and make adjustments where we need to. This happens seamlessly in the background. There is a huge difference between software where you can trust to get it right, and software where you have to check every single detail.

If you don't need the supplier verification checks, the statement reconciliations, the inbound/outbound email mailboxes, don't need it to allocate invoices to your sites, if you don't want all your accounts payable emails automated/categorised, don't need the approvals and all you *DO* want is the cheapest possible invoice extraction and it doesn't matter if it's sometimes wrong then we're probably not the solution for you.

Unlike other solutions, we know when we're reading a duplicate invoice. Therefore, we can treat it differently. We know that it doesn't need to be approved, doesn't need to be exported to the accounting system and doesn't have the same storage requirements (as it is already stored).

We know that it is often easier to ask suppliers to just 'send all outstanding invoices'. Some may have been sent before, some may be new. We think it would be unfair if the duplicates pushed you into a higher pricing bracket like they do in other systems, so we don't count them towards your total.


We started out building software specifically for hospitality but have since expanded into other industries. We will work with customers from any industry if they have a high volume of invoices.

If you think this could benefit you, please contact us, we'd love to hear about it.

Accuracy in how we extract invoice data is central to everything we do. We know that being 99% accurate is not good enough as it would mean our users would then need to check every single detail on every single invoice to ensure it is correct. Instead, our processing has a number of checks built in and if anything doesn't look right then an alert is created. This prevents errors from getting into your accounting system and means that users do not need to check the results from Peripat.

The main time saving comes from the accuracy of the system, statement reconciliations and the email mailbox. We have automated as much as possible so that even if you don't log in, almost everything will be done by the system.


We've built the system to be so accurate that you won't need to check the results. You'll save time because you won't need to enter the invoice details in the first place, but you also won't need to check that we got it right, it's just what we do. We also automatically allocate invoices and credits to the correct site/brand and run multiple fraud checks.

Statement Reconciliations

Peripat reads your supplier statements, scans through line by line and checks that every invoice and credit has been received from the supplier. Anything missing, Peripat will automatically request the missing invoices and credits by email, and will chase the suppliers until they are sent in. This all happens in the background without you having to do anything. This will eliminate payment demands from suppliers for invoices that you haven't been sent, and stop you from needing to go through statements line by line to find problems. It also means your accounts payable is up to date so that your reporting is correct.

Email Mailbox

We built email mailboxes into our application which means Peripat can replace your accounts payable mailbox so you can read and respond to emails without switching to another system. But the best bit is that it means that you don't need to manually go through your emails and pull out the invoices and credits. We scan through every email to find and process invoices, credits and statements. We also detect quotes, payment reminders and several other documents which means we're able to classify over 95% of the supplier emails so you don't even need to open them.

Order Matching

We match orders to invoices and will automatically approve invoices if they match. This removes the need for someone to manually check that the invoices match the orders.

Because Peripat is focussed on processing high volumes of invoices from repeating suppliers, we run validation checks against every email that is sent in. We only allow emails to be processed once we have validated the email sender. This blocks 'phishing' attacks where malicious actors use similar sounding email addresses to your actual suppliers to try to get you to change the bank account details you use to pay suppliers or to take over your accounting system or other logins.

Because we process a large number of invoices from each supplier, we are able to detect and alert you to anomalies with supplier invoices. We have detected numerous cases where a supplier has 'accidently' double charged for the same goods, sent invoices meant for a different customer, allocated payments to the wrong account and several other scenarios.

Of course. The only restriction is that all invoices/credits/statements within the same pdf must be from the same supplier. If there is a combination of invoices/credit notes/statements from a supplier in the same document, that's no problem. If invoices are for a mix of your sites/brands, that's fine too. If you send in pdfs from several suppliers in the same email, that is fine, as long as each pdf only contains invoices from 1 supplier.

Using Peripat is like outsourcing your bookkeeping for your repeating suppliers. Even if you didn't log in, almost everything will continue to be done automatically. Invoices will still be processed and sent to your accounting system (if all approvals are switched off), supplier statements will still be reconciled, missing statement invoices and credits will still be chased from suppliers, inbound emails will still be categorised. In the background, system admins make tweaks to ensure the system maintains its accuracy for your suppliers.

Using Peripat will give you much better visibility of your accounts payable than if you outsourced it to an accountant. It will also be done much faster (within a few seconds) so you won't have to wait days/weeks to see the invoices in your systems.

We can read pdf, docx, xlsx, csv, html, text from emails and more. We don't just read invoices and credit notes, we also read and reconcile supplier statements (and chase suppliers automatically). We also detect other common emails and documents from suppliers such as payment reminders, pro formas, quotes, orders, delivery notes etc so that you won't have to open most emails unless there is something you need to action.

If you ask your supplier, chances are they can supply invoices in the right format. In the (very rare) circumstance that the supplier is unable to provide invoices in the right format, our customers have just changed to a supplier that can. Life is too short to be processing invoices manually.

Peripat does most of the work but there are some things you will still need to do.

Check emails not categorised

Peripat tries to figure out what each email is, but if it fails to determine what it is, for example, if it is a question from a supplier, or an email from an address not recognised by the system, then the email will get flagged as something to review.

Check notifications

Peripat creates notifications for any anomalies it detects. Some of these notifications will be assigned to system admins if it is something they need to look at, and sometimes it is assigned to users as it is something they need to check. Users will have to check and action the notification assigned to them.

Add new suppliers

When emails are received, if the email sender is a new supplier, users will need to add the new supplier to the system so their emails will be processed by peripat. Users will also need to add new companies/sites as required if your business is expanding.

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We read the invoice lines for suppliers where it has been requested by another customer of ours, we don't do it automatically for all suppliers. If you want to treat different products differently, we can easily accomodate this.

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